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We are happy you took the time to look at our fun lake home.  We are both native North Iowans and have been in Clear Lake since 2011 when we had the opportunity to move here and make our home.

We were thinking of how we could give more people the opportunity to come and see all of the fun that Clear Lake has to offer so we took the step into our vacation rental home in 2019.  We are SO happy we did!  We have met so many great people and they are able to see all that Clear Lake has to offer.

We are happy to give you any guidance with questions you might have but more than anything, we want you to come to our home and just RELAX! We hope to welcome you home soon!


2016-02-11 18.55.38.jpg

Hey There!

Ice Cream

Nothing quite as sweet as Blue Bunny caramel cones.


Top Gun- Who doesn't love a good Tom Cruise Movie?


We love to spend time on riding bikes around the lake.


Somehow we always find our way back to blue.

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